Sometimes it’s difficult to find words to express how we are feeling.

Art as Therapy for Women provides a grounded space for personal growth

 and building confidence. Sometimes we need to rediscover the feeling that

 you are ready to take on the world.


Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective which quite often

happens during the Art making process.














































       Art Therapy for Women     




Art as Therapy for Women is a means for you to express your feelings and  thoughts

in a new and different way,  to talk about them or not.


You can reconnect with your inner-self

during the Art making process.


Art as Therapy for Women is suitable for all women who are going through or have been through a Divorce or Separation or for women who  wish to focus on confidence building

and personal growth after a separation.



You can rediscover your independence

during the Art Therapy process particularly after a major change in a relationship.



No prior art making experience is necessary, the art produced is about process rather than creating “pretty” pictures, although that often happens unintentionally and without effort.


All materials are provided.

Art Therapy is both a therapeutic and fun way to explore self discovery in a supported environment.


Various mediums will be incorporated into the sessions from pastels,

photo collage, acrylic paint,

inks and clay.




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